• Starters
  • Main courses
  • Soups
  • Side dishes
  • Desserts
Goat cheese, raspberry, hazelnuts
32 pln
Beef tartare, Hungarian pepper syrup, red caviar
48 pln
Macerated salmon, dill ice cream, sour cream
44 pln
Salad leaves, tosted seeds, herbal tomatoes
36 pln
Foie gras ice cream, dried grapes jelly, macerated figs, toasted sweet bread
52 pln
1st place in contest Wine & Food Noble Night 2017
Main courses
Leg of goose confit, plum, apricot preserve
78 pln
Beef cheeks, truffle barley, young vegetables
58 pln
Pork chop, young cabbage, baked potatoes gratin
49 pln
Duck breast, fennel, black currant
68 pln
Beef tenderloin, baked carrot purée, onion emulsion
98 pln
Polish style zander fish, baked crayfish, caviar
72 pln
Homemade pasta, mushrooms, Bursztyn cheese
42 pln
Baked duck broth, dumplings, lovage
23 pln
Creamy asparagus soup, sheep milk cheese, roasted seeds
23 pln
Young potatoes in dill butter
14 pln
Marinated beetroot, horseradish
14 pln
Broccoli with herbal butter
14 pln
Fried young cabbage, roasted bacon
14 pln
Grey Goose – our speciality
34 pln
Apple pie
28 pln
Cracovian cheesecake
28 pln
Ice cream and sorbets composition
28 pln