Szara Gęś Le Privé is the perfect blend of elegance, luxury, and exquisite taste. Our guests have four separate rooms at their disposal, three of which can be reserved exclusively – Amazonico, Cognac, and Champagne Room. In our menu, you will find fresh fish, oysters, meats, and signature cocktails. Our modern cuisine inspired travels will take you on an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Our work ethic is based on the highest quality standards, ensuring that each dish is prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients. Szara Gęś Le Privé is the place where your culinary and event dreams will come true.

Main Square 17/ 1st floor
31-008 Cracow


Live music every Friday and Saturday from 8pm


A rich selection of cocktails

Possibility to reserve the room exclusively
Sharing cuisine inspired by travels open
Cocktail room perfect for finishing dinner
Bartender shows
Whiskey tastings
Wine tastings with a sommelier
Tasting of caviar and oysters



The inspiration for this room is the forest and hunting environment. The whole atmosphere in the room completes the original tiled stove from the 14th century. It is one of the largest rooms in our restaurant and can seat 48 people.



A juicy green and gold, as well as hand-made decoration elements take our guests to an exotic climates. Another advantage of this room is the unforgettable view of Krakow’s Main Market Square. In the daily arrangement of tables in the hall, 36 people can be seated at the same time, while if Guests want to be seated at one table, the number of seats is reduced to 26.



The Cocktail Room is the most colorful room in our restaurant. There are small tables, the curtains separating them give the hall an intimate character. This room is styled as a place where you can enjoy a cocktail before dinner or enjoy digestive after. It is an intimate room for 26 people.



The Champagne Room is the most subdued and classic room. The silver of the walls and armchairs gives it a raw elegance, and the authentic ceiling from the fourteenth century completes its majestic ether. This room is very spacious and is ideal for organizing various types of special events. The windows directed to the Main Square disc make staying in it an extraordinary experience. There are 48 seats.