Main Courses



Side Dishes


Baked goat cheese, pear in red wine sauce,

32 zł


Marinated herring in beetroot juice,
creamy horseradish, homemade pickles

29 zł


Slices of smoked goose, lettuce, orange

37 zł


Beef tartare, Hungarian pepper syrup,
truffle mayonnaise

43 zł


Creamy foie gras, baked apple, thick cider sauce

44 zł



Main Courses

Glazed goose leg, prunes, millet popcorn

69 zł


Fried duck breast, cauliflower in white
chocolate, liquid foie gras

57 zł


Piglet bacon, dark beer sauce, cabbage puree

56 zł


Beef fillet, goose trimmings, green pepper sauce

89 zł


Mutton loin, smoked Mangalica, Bryndza sheep
cheese praline

54 zł


Creamy barley, forest mushrooms preserve,
porcini mushrooms

38 zł

Black halibut, green parsley, dish of salsify

59 zł



Porcini mushrooms soup, creamy broth, Muscat flower

18 zł


Cream of marinated pepper soup,
smoked cream, spicy goose

19 zł




Grey Goose

31 zł


Snow Queen

23 zł


Golden Autumn

27 zł


Ice cream and sorbet compositions

21 zł


Selection of Polish farm cheeses

39 zł




Young leaves salad, pine nuts and pumpkin seeds,
black vinaigrette, herbal tomatoes

27 zł


Goose breast, compose of spicy salad, clementine

31 zł



Side Dishes

Potatoes in parsley butter

9 zł


Baked potatoes with rosemary

9 zł


Wild mushrooms in cream

15 zł


Marinated beetroots with horseradish and mustard

9 zł


Baked pumpkin with cheese

9 zł

Green lettuce with classic vinaigrette sauce

9 zł